Topping a tree is bad! In the past, people thought tree topping was a harmless way to reduce a tree's height. Unfortunately, topping creates many problems, including: multiple tops, tree stress, watersprouts, and an opening for parasites and fungus. All responsible tree specialists, such as the experts at GR Tree Services, avoid topping trees.

The responsible way to reduce a tree's height is called crown reduction. Here, we prune the tree knowledgeably and safely, eliminating some branches and shortening others by cutting back to a lateral. This pruning creates a natural appearance, retains a tree's structure, prevents parasitic and fungal attack, and minimizes tree stress. No more than 25% - 30% of a tree can be removed safely in one year—less for a very mature tree. Therefore, if a tree needs to be reduced significantly, it may take more than one year to achieve the size you need. Trust us to responsibly balance both your needs and the tree's needs to create a beautiful symbiotic balance.
Crown Reduction - Reducing a Tree's Height

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