Mitigation is the process of reducing failure potential. There are many different treatment options available, we will assess the trees needs and find the best means of care.

Construction Damage Mitigation - We can assess the damage from trucks or equipment hitting trees or branches, the cutting of tree roots, compaction of root and soil areas by equipment and pedestrian traffic, grade and drought damages.

Wildfire Mitigation - Anyone who owns a home in forested or fire-prone areas should consider the hazard presented to their property by a wildfire. Mitigation is the implementation of various measures designed to minimize the destructive effects a wildfire has on property. Let us determine your risk.

Lightning Protection - Lightning is an extremely powerful force of nature. Thousands of trees are struck every year, often damaging or destroying the trees. We can use lightning protection systems to ensure if a tree is struck near your home or office, that you will be safe

Hazard Tree Evaluation - We will evaluate your trees by identifying the common defects associated with hazardous trees- Cracks, Lean, Root Damage, Top Damage, Internal Decay, Scars, Dead Branches, Dead Trees & Carpenter Ants. 

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